Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

five years ago we celebrated a mother's day with you
not knowing it was the last time we could congratulate you
on raising the three of us so well. At least, officially.
I know I said it so many times those last few minutes
before you left us, standing around you, singing songs,
and holding hands. But sometimes
on days like this, when people celebrate those like you,
or like the you you were when you were here, it just seems
important enough to write down again, for eyes and ears
other than yours to read.
Happy mother's day, then, to all of my fond memories
of you.

longing gazes

We found those longing gazes finally,
blowing kisses through the windowpane
of the entryway outside the apartment where
we live, together. And even though we haven't
replaced the carpet, or bought that new
air conditioning unit, or steam-cleaned the upholstery
or the million things we've listed that
we say we need to do to feel at home here,
gazing at you has been home for me;
and when you're away, all I can do is
anxiously await the next moment
when you're beautiful face
enters my field of vision, in this apartment
that I call home simply because you're here.