Sunday, October 30, 2011

Writing is writing is writing

Unedited: written 10/29

That moment when you realize
that maybe you stopped writing
because you want everything to stand still,
and it won't. That maybe
events and discussions, things that weren't
planned, hearts that got broken
or things that you said, might never
have existed if you didn't write it down.
And yet... life moves on.
That moment when you realize
that breathing's always easier
when you do not hold your breath.
That the world will always turn
beneath you, even if you don't
open your eyes, or put one
foot before the other.
When you sit and feel and experience
the rest of what you chose to forgot, and
you realize so much out there
is bigger than you could ever be,
and the dots begin connecting.
And your words are still words.
They hold time, they hold distance,
they hold memory, and pain.
They still create worlds, bring
people back from the dead, and while
you might be ashamed
that you'd dropped your pen for
a moment - the world moves on and
all you can do is pick it back up and begin
where you left off.
Because painting the past you tried
to forget could take the rest of your life,
and take away the future you could be weaving
as the world breathes with you now.
If you move on with the world, you'll
find that breathing is easier, writing
is easier, walking is easier. And the dots
connecting the things that are bigger
than ourselves will collect us with them.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


When heaviness arrives,
we teeter on precipices,
dancing on the tops of words
with meanings the surfaces
of which we can only scratch.
This intricate choreography between
our minds has been my
favorite song, all this time,
and I will continue to dig
into deeper meanings and words
with you
Until these feet can no longer dance
and until the beautiful heaviness
of our souls pulls us into sleep deep,
deep inside the earth,
and all conversations cease and grow
into something larger than ourselves.