Tuesday, January 31, 2012


It's fascinating, how two souls connect -
Not just in mind, or heart - Feeling, as I often do,
The small arms of my heart reach out and
Caress you, when I look at your face.
You often catch me staring.
The tendrils of my limbs memorizing the
Shape of your body by entwining it.
The sight, the touch, the sound, the taste.
Are you my lover, my escape, the key
To reawakening the zest I used to feel
For those higher notions of Genius,
Beauty, & Truth? Or, are you simply there,
That man before me, walking softly through
My spheres until caught in the web of my
Miseries and my eccentricities - where I paint
You in silver and unfairly imbue you with the
Magical powers to heal my troubled soul?
For now, you are the hand I hold, the chin I scratch,
The eyes I graze, the heart I have.
Let the slow hands of time
and the even slower dreams of sleep
Consider all the rest.


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Our Eyes

I see you peering back from underneath
The folds above my grandfather's - your father's
- eyes. The drooping eyes,
The brown eyes I inherited from you, that drip
Sadly down in the corners, that crinkle when you smiled,
Were eyes that you inherited from him.
And even though he came first,
You still left before him,
And now I see you appearing again,
Born again in those eyes, with their often
Vacant, searching expression, at the crinkly
Laugh of recognition, of love.
The lines in his face are similar to the lines you
Held in yours before you left,
And I'm once again made aware of the thin
Veil between we still living and where you are,
Seeing you peek out from behind his eyes, our eyes
(I can keep your secret), imagining you within,
Holding his hand as we held yours,
Waiting, waiting, waiting,
For all the lights to dim.