Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Blank and Misty Splendour

"They who believe in the influences of the stars over the fates of men, are, in feeling at least, nearer the truth than they who regard the heavenly bodies as related to them merely by a common obedience to an external law. All that man sees has to do with man. Worlds cannot be without an intermundane relationship. The community of the centre of all creation suggests an interradiating connection and dependence of the parts. Else a grander idea is conceivable than that which is already imbodied. The blank, which is only a forgotten life, lying behind the consciousness, and the misty splendour, which is an undeveloped life, lying before it, may be full of mysterious revelations of other connections with the worlds around us, than those of science and poetry. No shining belt or gleaming moon, no red or green glory in a self-encircling twin-star, but has a relation with the hidden things of a man's soul, and, it may be, with the secret history of his body as well. They are portions of the living house wherein he abides."

George MacDonald, Phantasties

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Ydalnogard said...

I forgot I had one of these things. Geez. Can a person have too many blogs?

Anyway...I just wanted to say that 1 Peter is one of my favorite books. I'm not really sure why. I think it's because Peter is my favorite disciple.