Friday, February 15, 2013


With words, and questions, you
elicited smiles and laughters
that reminded me of moments
I never had, as if this was the way
it always was, was always meant
to be, this way.

And so I quickly took you in, all of you,
inside the house of bone and sinew
I hadn't shown a living soul
for years.

There is something safe about the
hallways we've constructed:

The walls you built for me with your eyes,
the doors I'd padlocked years ago
to rooms I'd never seen before,
spaces you'd redecorated for me
while I slept, the arms you put around me
reaching into my dreams to patch
up all the holes I'd hidden when
I thought I could still keep secrets.

There are still doors to open here,
we know,
but then we've already taken turns
carrying one another across the threshold,
practicing for the moment when
all the walls between us fall,
and it's only us, and our new home,
still standing.