Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sigma Tau Delta

Well, it's been crazy. Half of my inter-library loan books are already late (I'm going to have a hefty fine to pay, and I'm sure Tamie Willis will be mad at me for not getting the ILLs back in on time), and I certainly haven't done near enough research to turn them back in. It sucks.

So, my college search is narrowing, and I think I have the six schools to which I will apply:

University of Wisconsin - Madison
Rice University (Houston)
Washington University, St. Louis
Abilene Christian University

I'm still debating on OSU, because their program isn't very theory-heavy, except in "Screen Studies," and I'm not sure I want to get a degree in film, however interesting it may be.
I might add University of Minnesota to the list, or I might run across something else.

In any case, some of the deadlines (UW, for instance) are early December, so I really need to get on the ball with this. I'm a little nervous about my writing sample being good enough for UW or Rice, but I'm not nervous about not going to grad school, because I'm certain that, no matter what, Abilene will probably take me in :), which is certainly not a bad thing.

Anyway, auditions are underway for our 10-minute plays, and I've been given my own play to direct. It's exciting watching people audition and compete for MY play in an audition - it's fascinating to watch your text come to life in front of you. I love directing!!

Finally, I mailed out my submissions for Sigma Tau Delta's Louisville conference yesterday. I submitted both poetry, and an analytical paper, and I'd love it if both of them made it again this year, like last year. I hope we get a good crowd going to conference, too!!!

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