Sunday, February 10, 2008

Poetry 2/10

You closed off your microcosm -
who said that you or I or we
were not a sum of parts but a whole? -
and your part, your minor part to mine,
is closed and will remain until you choose
to open that wall to me or to yourself.

We could claim irreconciliable
or we could admit that walls prove
the worst to talk through - each of us
having built around our own microcosm;
and we are not irreconciliable, but rather
indifferent, and if I chose a different
path, it would be because you closed a door
and I chose not to find a window -
we'd prove to be separate then, in macrocosm -
it's said that you and I and we
are not a whole but only a sum of
separate parts.

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