Friday, August 31, 2007


Devin Mitchell was born this morning, August 31st, to my brother and his wife, and his big sister Lexy Ann. I have a nephew!

She will never hold you
blue-bundled bright ball of boy;
but this miracle she sent out
from heaven
dripping with some sweetness, the sweetness
that draws families together
like honey draws flies-
undeservered innocence enters a world
and we all fall silent;
circling around, watching him yawn with purity,
imagining ourselves in his place,
as this tiny monster,
and our own parents holding us, in awe
at our tiny hands and fingernails.
This is not the first time I have witnessed birth,
but it's the first I've realized
the importance of the soul, and the veil
between heaven and now is almost pulled away,
and my mother peeks at us
from around the hospital's curtain,
my mother, who, only hours before,
must have smiled her smile, and
told my little nephew that it was time
to come into the world and meet us face to face.

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kate alexis said...

paul, i think you are trying to make me cry.