Monday, August 20, 2007

It's not selfish to ask for help.

I've had to realize that it's more prideful to refrain from asking for help, than it is selfish to ask for it.

It's not selfish to want to get to know someone.

It's not selfish to want someone to hear and understand your problems.

It's not selfish to do something in exchange for friendship. There are many more prideful motives one could have for helping someone than just wanting to have their friendship. Maybe we're lied to all our lives, being told that we're horribly selfish beings, when in fact all we're really trying to do is reach out for help, or reach out to other people. To prove that we're human, too, in fact.

Don't get me wrong, selfishness does exist. We are all inherently selfish - but I think sometimes we focus so much on the smaller matters that we forget the point of it all. We can't go dissecting every little thing we do, or else we'll be afraid of doing anything at all. A man who's afraid that talking about himself will come across as selfish, will never be able to truly let his feelings out, and will eventually explode.

But we are selfish. THat's the first thing we have to realize. We have to realize that we are selfish, and we have to realize that some things we think are selfish, are NOT selfish. Strange. But I guess, really, the point is we have to redirect ourselves to focus on the more important matters. I can't allow myself to continually pick at myself for being "selfish." Yes, okay, I'm selfish. I'm not selfish for wanting a friend, or for desiring love, because that's human. I'm selfish for not wanting to take responsibililty for my actions, not wanting to have to give love in return. That should be my focus. Not my friendships, not my cries for help - but my actions.

I am a selfish person.

But I am not a hopeless person.

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