Monday, August 13, 2007

Inspired by a friend

I believe God never gives us more than we can handle.

I believe that God purposes us to suffer as to make us better equipped to handle the life he has planned for us.

I believe that inside everyone is a kernel of goodness, because they were created in God's image.

I believe that there is such a thing as an over-soul,a "Universal," a Tao, a gift of God, possibly akin to the Holy Spirit, that inspires us.

I believe there is no such thing as a distinction of Science and Religion, because if God exists, then God is also Science.

I believe that in the beginning was Logos, the Word, or "Reason," and that logic is one of the core sentient elements of our nature.

I believe that there is a reason for everything.

I believe that good comes to those who trust in God. I believe that good is always the outcome, depending on one's faith, and one's outlook, no matter how trying the situation.

I believe that action is a fundamental part of our salvation, and hence, of our nature.

I believe that you can't sit around and think about your life, you have to go our and live it, and DO it.

I believe that love is a verb, not an adjective, or a noun.

I believe that emotions are everything.

I believe that emotions aren't everything.

I believe that God is a God of both our emotions AND our intellect, and we cannot forsake one for the other.

I believe that balance, or moderation, is the key to all things.

I believe that we serve integral functions as human beings, but our primary function is to be children of God.

I believe most people give up their humanity for the mechanization of the modern world, drying themselves up with a lack of human contact and emotion.

I believe more people suffer from psychological problems than they would like to admit. I believe the strongest people are those who are willing to admit that they need help.

I believe Socrates was right when he said the only thing we can surely know is that we know nothing.

I believe that friendship is one of the most important things on earth, and that is meant to be cherished sincerely.

I believe that love knows no bounds.

I believe that it is possible to be content in every given situation. I also believe it takes a lot of faith to get to that point, in God and in yourself.

I believe in God, and His Universal.