Thursday, August 23, 2012


I keep your DNA in my skin. Your very chemistry is encoded
into the folds of my body. The pieces of you that you left inside me,
around me, within me, the particles of light that bounced off of your
face and lodged themselves in the cones and rods of my eyes,
are all still here. That your face is what I see most often when my
eyes are closed is a testament to how well I soaked in every
freckle, every blemish. 
You are not so easily erased to me, is what I mean to say,
and while I know you've done all you can to dispose of my memory
and erase me from all your private spaces,
I know how unsuccessful you will be. My energy will never die
or manifest in any other way than that which is already inside
you. We are a part of each other,
and that is something that will always be. Only I,
in all the aching of our broken hearts, would never be the one
to chase away those pieces, or sweep away, erase the memories
my body cherishes of you, your arms, your eyes, your soul.

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